"Gong hei fat choy!!"

Ms. Bristol and Ms. Marone - Celebrating the Lunar New Year. This year signifies the Year of the Tiger.

Natural Habitats!

Ms. Journett, Grade 3 - Students in homeroom 304 learned about habitats in nature.

Martin Luther King Jr. Projects in Room 304!

Ms. Journett, Grade 3 - Students in room 304 learned about Martin Luther King Jr., who was an American Baptist minister and activist. He was America's most famous spokesperson in the American Civil Rights Movement.

"I Have a Dream" Mobiles!

Ms. Carreira, Grade 2 - After learning about Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream for our nation, students in homeroom 205, thought about their own personal dreams, dreams for our community, and dreams for our world!

"I Have a Dream."

Mrs. Ramirez, Grade 3 - Students in homeroom 208 learned about the achievements and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

First Marking Period Honor Roll

Congratulations to the TJS Honor Roll Students! We commend your hard work and encourage you to continue your academic success! Bravo! Go ahead and take a bow!

¡Felicitaciones a los estudiantes del Cuadro de Honor de TJS! ¡Felicitamos su arduo trabajo y lo alentamos a que continúe con su éxito académico! ¡Bravo! ¡Adelante, haz una reverencia!

Holiday Sneaker Donation!

Thank you, Mr. Joseph Loconte, for your very generous gift of new sneakers to the students of Thomas Jefferson School!
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