Learning About Animals and Habitats

Congratulations to Ms. Carreira and her Grade 2 students in Room 205 as they continue learning about animals and their habitats. Subsequently, the students created an animal of their choice out of paper plates and other materials. The students wrote about what they learned. It was truly an educational experience for them.

Important Safety Announcement From Superintendent Silvia Abbato

Please take a moment to read this important announcement from Superintendent Abbato concerning the recent tragedy in Texas, in addition to, reassuring our community that the district is always working with our Mayor Brian P. Stack along with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of students and staff in Union City.

Congratulations to Miss Flores

We want to congratulate Ms. Flores on her degree as a School Social Worker. She has supported the Thomas Jefferson School community in many ways, particularly with her social emotional counseling groups for kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 students.

Congratulations To Our Honor Roll Students

A job well done during the 3rd Marking Period by our Honor Roll students. Let's take this opportunity to recognize student excellence and the dedication to their studies. Once again, congratulations to our exemplary students at Thomas Jefferson

Learning About The World

Students in Ms. Saroli's second grade class were able to research a country and write facts about what they learned. They pretended to travel to that country and had their own "Passport Book". Students shared many things they learned about the country they researched and convinced many students to want to travel there. This social studies project was quite the educational experience for everyone involved.
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