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Farewell Picnic-Jefferson School-June 2022

Farewell Picnic

Congratulations to our Grade 4 students. As you leave Thomas Jefferson School, we want to thank you for being amazing students and for being part of our incredible journey this year. Best of luck to you all as you continue your studies.
Ice Cream Social at Thomas Jefferson School

The Ice Cream Social

Congratulations to our students celebrating the completion of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards Assessment. On this joyous day, they enjoyed delicious ice cream after all of their hard work.
The Pre-School End of the Year Celebration-Jefferson School

The Pre-School End of the Year Celebration

Cheers to Ms. Diaz, Mr. Vaca and the Room 109 students for their Pre-School End of Year Celebration, 2022. Congratulations to everyone as they celebrate the school year coming to a close.
Celebrating Flag Day-Thomas Jefferson School

Celebrating Flag Day

Cheers to Ms. Ramirez and her Grade 3 students celebrating Flag Day recently on June 14, 2022. It was a wonderful day for patriotism.
Visiting Michael A. Leggiero Music Park

Visiting Michael A. Leggiero Music Park

Thank you to our Honorable Mayor Brian P. Stack and Director Elke Voigt from the Bruce D. Walter Recreation Center for arranging this excellent field trip to visit the Michael A. Leggiero Music Park. It was an amazing experience for our students as they get ready for Summer. As the school year comes to a close, this was certainly a fulfilling day for them.


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