Celebrating Flag Day

Cheers to Ms. Ramirez and her Grade 3 students celebrating Flag Day recently on June 14, 2022. It was a wonderful day for patriotism.

Visiting Michael A. Leggiero Music Park

Thank you to our Honorable Mayor Brian P. Stack and Director Elke Voigt from the Bruce D. Walter Recreation Center for arranging this excellent field trip to visit the Michael A. Leggiero Music Park. It was an amazing experience for our students as they get ready for Summer. As the school year comes to a close, this was certainly a fulfilling day for them.

Excellent Spelling Bee

Ms. Ramirez and her Grade 3 Students in Homeroom 208 held a spelling bee. They attempted to spell 25 end of year words correctly. The winners received the best prize ever and it was a special lunch with their teacher, Ms. Ramirez. Congratulations to all the contestants for their dedication and a job well done as the school year is coming to a close.

The 2022 Extended Day Art Showcase

Congratulations to Ms. Cintron and her students for such an excellent showcase. It was truly outstanding and entertaining. Once again, the Union City School District will always support the arts.

End Of The Year Ice Cream Party

Cheers to Ms. Saroli and her Grade 2 students for celebrating as the end of the school year is approaching and certainly, ice cream is an excellent treat for them after all of their efforts. In addition, they were able to enjoy the fresh air and be creative with their art work during this very festive day.

Celebrating Published Authors

Students in Ms. Saroli's class celebrated their accomplishment in becoming published authors today. Each student was able to illustrate and write about what kindness means to them. They each worked very hard on their piece throughout the writing process.

Book Publishing Celebration

Congratulations to Ms. Carreira and the Grade 2 Book Publishing Celebration. These very talented published authors from Room 205 celebrated this outstanding achievement during their first book launch party. The students truly demonstrated their creative abilities during this excellent event.

25 Years Of Service Celebration

The Union City Education Association honored Joyce Logothetis and Joel Morales at the Graycliff during the 25 Years of Service Celebration recently. Once again, thank you for your dedication and commitment to the Jefferson School, in addition to, the Union City School District.

Physical Fitness Day

Physical Fitness Day at the Jefferson School was an excellent day for our staff and students. It is an annual observance where they highlight the importance of staying active through sports and fitness activities, which is observed in May during National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

The 2022 Vocal Ensemble Showcase

Congratulations to the students and staff for such a wonderful performance. It was truly entertaining and heartwarming. Once again, the Union City School District will always support the arts.
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