Mr. Petric

3rd Marking Period Themes and Topics
Pre-k and Kindergarten: Animals and Their Parents
1st Grade: Living and Non-Living things
2nd Grade: Relationships in Habitats
3rd Grade: Traits, Life Cycles, and Adaptations
4th Grade: How Organisms Process Information

Stephen Petric

Mini Meteorologists




Full Sail University – Bachelor of Sciences: Video Game Development

New Jersey City University – Bachelor of Sciences: Computer Science 


K – 6 Elementary Content Knowledge

5 – 8  Elementary Teacher with Mathematics Specialization

Automated External Defibrillator, Lifeguarding, C.P.R, First Aid, Water Safety Instructor

Awards and Honors

Nominated for Advanced Achiever

Magna Cum Laude

International Golden Key Honour Society Member 


As a product of the Union City school system myself I decided to give back to the community and impart my knowledge onto future generations. I have been a full time teacher for the past 4 years now. Prior to that I was a substitute teacher for an additional 2 years. Aside from teaching I am also the Assistant Coach for the UCHS Girls Swim Team, since I began coaching the girls swim team has become county champions for 3 years in a row. We are hoping for this year to be our fantastic fourth. 

Conference Times

To schedule a meeting please speak with Nancy Francisco. 201-348-5960 ext. 3111


Monday/ Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday - 8:10am - 8:47am


Monday/ Friday - 1:32pm - 2:40pm


Classroom Procedures and Policies

Students in 2nd grade and upwards are required to have a separate science notebook. Also, all my classes are registered on Classdojo. This year I will be using Classdojo as a class store. Students can only gain positive points they will not lose any points due to behavior they will simple not gain any new points. They will then be able to spend their points for certain prizes within the class. If you have not received an invitation please email me and I will send one to you.


With the addition of the new science lab comes the addition of a few new classroom policies. If any student is being disrespectful and/or not following lab safety precautions that student will be placed in a brief time out. For restroom use only 1 student is allowed out of the room at any given time. 


If you have not already signed up for classdojo please do so. If you need a parental code please email me. I post all assignments and pictures on there. 

If you have not already please sign up for to see how your child is behaving during science. If you need a parental code please email me and I will send you one.