Mrs. Ramirez




Solangie Ramirez




New Jersey City University- Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education

New Jersey City University- Bachelors of Arts: Modern Language Teaching (Spanish)

New Jersey City University- Master of Arts: Urban Education

University of Granada, Spain- Master of Arts: Teaching the Spanish Language




ESL Education

Bilingual Education

Teacher of Spanish

Elementary Education




My name is Solangie Ramirez. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, a small country in the Caribbean. I migrated to The United States at the age of 17. I pursued a teaching career because I wanted to make a difference. Being able to shape children’s minds to achieve their best is a very rewarding experience. I have been an educator in Union City for 15 years and have had the pleasure of being in Jefferson School all that time! I taught kindergarten for 4 years and have been teaching second grade for 11 years now. I absolutely love second grade! It is in second grade that children begin to foster independence and start taking risks on their learning. I am a firm believer in the saying: “It takes a village to raise a child” Educating our children can only be achieved by a strong partnership between the student, the school and the home. I am excited to work along with you to provide our children with the best educational experience. Together we can do wonders!


Specials Schedule:

Monday - Computers

Tuesday - Physical Education (make sure your child is dressed appropriately)

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Science

Friday - World Language (Spanish)


Conference Times:


I am available to meet with parents/guardians to discuss student’s progress. Please contact the Parent Liaison to schedule an appointment at the following times:


Monday           8:50 - 9:20 am

Tuesday          8:50 - 9:20 am

Wednesday     1:35 - 2:30 pm

Thursday        8:50- 9:20 am

Friday             1:00 - 2:00 pm


* Additional times available upon request


Ms. Nancy Francisco

(201) 348-5960

Ext. 3111


Classroom Procedures and Policies


Come to school on time and prepared! Please make sure students bring their folder, small notebook in the folder,  and homework daily. In second grade we want to foster independence and a sense of responsibility in our children.


Homework Assignments: Students will receive 3 basic homework assignments Monday-Thursday (No homework on weekends).These assignments will be sent in the yellow Jefferson School Jaguar folder. Please make sure your child completes the designated homework and brings the folder daily! Keep old homework home. Students are also required to read an assigned selection every night. Please check and sign the student’s small notebook daily for homework and special announcements!
* In addition to the daily homework, there will be one project for each marking period. Students will bring instructions home and will be given ample time to complete it. You may help your child with this activity but please do NOT do it for him/her. LATE PROJECTS WILL ONLY RECEIVE A PARTIAL GRADE.


Tests: Students will have a weekly spelling test (vocabulary) and a reading test every Friday. The students will review and work with spelling words throughout the week. These are the words found in the students' small notebook inside their folder. Make sure your child is prepared for Friday's test!
The reading test is based on the main selection (story) of each week.  It includes vocabulary, comprehension and writing composition. It also includes a section that introduces students to PARCC testing strategies and skills. This section is completed along with the teacher and it is not counted towards their grade.
Math tests will also be on Fridays but about every other week once topic is concluded. Math, science, and social studies tests will be announced a few days earlier to give students a chance to prepare themselves.


Tests Folders: Students will take home a test folder (red) on Wednesdays. Please sign the sheet as proof that you reviewed the grades and return ASAP. Return small beige notebook in the folder and keep all the loose tests. Always keep in mind that your child's grade is a combination of everything done both in class and home. Therefore, a grade on a test will not necessarily determine the grade on a subject. Homework, participation, classwork completion, benchmarks, and projects are all part of their grade.
 Do not hesitate to contact me via email or by scheduling a meeting if necessary. Let's all work together for a very successful year!!!



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