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                                    Mary Michael

                                         Kindergarten- Room 110



                                          Welcome to Mrs. Michael's Kindergarten Webpage!



Menofia University (Abroad); Bachelor of Science: Biology

New Jersey City University; Masters Degree: Early Childhood Education



New Jersey City University; P3 Certificate

New Jersey City University; ESL + Bilingual Education



In understanding the importance of a well-educated youth, I had always aspired to be involved in education. This dream came true when I first became a teacher (teaching science for about 5 years). Later I came to realize that my true passion was Early Childhood Education. Throughout the past thirteen years I've never ceased to appreciate how absorbent a student is during their early years, and have in turn been motivated to further my education (obtaining my Master's Degree of E.C.E at NJCU; then my P3 certification also at NJCU; and now have become certified to teach ESL and Bilingual students).This past school year I was named teacher of the year and it is a title I am honored to have obtained. I continuously looking for ways to improve my delivery of knowledge to my students.


Conference Times:

I am available to meet with parents/guardians to discuss student progress. Please call the Parent Liaison at: 2013485960 to schedule an appointment.




Classroom Procedures and Policies:

School Folders: Please check your child's folder every day for important papers and things that may be needed to signed. Homework Four days a week (Monday- Thursday) I assign homework. It consists of one page of language arts homework, as well as one page of math homework to reinforce what we learned that day.


Important Classroom Education Information:

The following is a document that summarizes the things we will be covering in class. I hope it helps.

Mary MIchael
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