Mrs. Saroli

Grade 2 / Grade 2 Home

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Vanessa Saroli

[email protected]



William Paterson University of New Jersey

Dual Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and Psychology

Master of Arts in Education



P-3 Early Childhood Education

English as a Second Language (ESL)


Reading Specialist 



Hello! Welcome to 2nd grade. My name is Vanessa Saroli. I have been teaching in Jefferson School for ten years. This is my second year teaching second grade. I believe education is a two-way communication between home and school. Please feel free to contact me through email with any questions or concerns. I know together we will make this school year a very successful one!


Conference Times:

I’m available to meet with parents/guardians virtually to discuss student progress. Please call our Parent Liaison (Nancy Francisco) at: 201-348-5960, ext. 3111 to schedule an appointment with me.


        Days and Times:

Monday:  8:10-9:15 or 1:30-2:00

Tuesday: 9:30-10:30

Thursday: 11:05-11:50

Friday: 8:10-9:15


Classroom Procedures and Policies:

Homework: I give homework every day, except on Fridays (sometimes a review will be given for a test the following week), holidays and breaks. Homework consists of 1 math, 1 reading and 1 spelling/phonics.


School Folders: Every day your child will bring home a homework folder with all of their homework and important information. Please take a few minutes to review the papers and comments, sign and date all tests, and return it to school with your child the next school day. You can also write me a note with any concerns/questions and place them inside their folder or through email at [email protected]



Reading Tests:Students will be given a reading selection test every Friday. The test is divided into the following four sections: VocabularyPhonicsComprehension, and Written Selection. Some weekly tests will consist of NJSLA Questions along with a Prose Constructed Response (PCR) for the story of the week.  


Spelling Tests: Students will be given a spelling test every Friday.


Math Tests: Students will be given a math test approximately every two weeks once a topic is completed. Students will be notified prior to the test date. Before the test date, students will be given a math review sheet for homework. This will allow them to review the strategies that were introduced to them during class time.  


Social Studies and Science Tests: Students will be given social studies tests and science tests once each chapter is completed.  Students will be notified prior to the test date. Before the test date, students will be given a study guide to complete and review.