Helping Parent Leaders Make Schools Great

Parent and Teacher (volunteer) Organization


Mission Statement

The Thomas Jefferson Elementary School PTO’s mission is to encourage open communication while also fostering a positive partnership between the parents and staff.  Our commitment is to enhance and maximize the education of every student while assisting them in achieving their highest potential.


2019 – 2020 Goals

  • Increase parent, staff, and student involvement in PTO sponsored activities and initiatives.
  • Strengthen the communication between the PTO and Thomas Jefferson staff to better support staff members, and students.
  • Continue to strengthen the sense of community at Thomas Jefferson School.
2019-2020 PTO Committees




Solangie Ramirez

Vice President-----------

Vanessa Saroli

Financial Secretary       

Michele Marinello

Recording Secretary      

Stephen Petric

Fundraising Director     

Marilyn Fernandez

Parent President/Activities Director     

Rachel Diaz

Helping Hands Director

Erin McGorty

Media/Technology Director    

Jahaira Ortiz

School Improvement Panel (Scip)

Mary Michael - Chair