Float the Teacher, STEM Challenge at the Dario Swimming Complex

The 4th grade students were challenged to design and build a model boat no larger then 15cm x 15cm. They were allowed to use any material found within the school. The boat that held the most weight was then scaled up to try and make Mr. Petric float.


The winning design, made by Elijah and Brian of Rm 301, held 400+ unit blocks without any leaks. Mr. Petric along with a select few students helped scale the model. The results were ........fantastic!

brian and Elijah engineers       Girl developers

 The boat worked and was able to hold up Mr. Petric which is equal to 250lbs! The scaled-up model was made with 14 cardboard boxes, 3 rolls of aluminum foil, and 4 rolls of duct tape.

    First Attempt to see if it floats   And then it sinks

We would like to thank the Shenandoah School district for inspiring the challenge. http://teacherpress.ocps.net/kimberlyseaver/stem-challenges/ 


Float the Teacher Album 

http://teacherpress.ocps.net/kimberlyseaver/stem-challenges/ Source: Shenandoah School District STEM Activity