Jefferson's 2017-2018 Junior Police and Service Squad Members

The Thomas Jefferson School's Junior Police is a shining example to younger students of responsible behavior.  Our future leaders take great pride in assisting the younger students enter and exit the building and hold hallway doors for classes at the start and end of each day.  As Junior Police Advisor, I am extremely proud of their maturity and sense of pride that they take in all that they do!  Lisa Crabbe, Advisor

Students in no particular order:  Steve Matthew, Chris, Ashley, Brian, Jade, Emily, Elijah, Adam, Brenda, Isabella, Hanna, Yahir, Jasmin, Aylwyn, Miguel
junior police

The following fourth graders have been selected for the Service Squad.  The mission for our fourth grade Service Squad is to create an environment where we can learn together and support each other. The Service Squad will aim to foster a positive school environment through various activities during the school year. The fourth graders chosen represent maturity, leadership, respect and fellowship. Service Squad Coordinator, 


Donna Rodriguez Room   Alexander, Joseph, Hugo, Daniel, Brandon, Melanie, Jhudelia, Alexa, Casey, Manual.

service squad