Congratulations to Ms. Flores on Winning the "Keep Kids Learning" Grant from Donors Choose

Thomas Jefferson School – We are happy to announce that Ms. Flores, Pre-K, Room 109 has been selected to receive a grant named 'Keep Kids Learning' from Donors Choose.  Donors Choose is an organization that helps public schools receive funding. With this grant, she was able to purchase educational items and snacks for her students. Each package is different, modified to meet student needs, and includes additional materials to support students with distance learning. Congratulations, Ms. Flores and thank you, Donors, Choose!
girl holding I miss you sign      boy on sofa covered by books and goodies from the grant gift
boy with his grant gifts in his living room table      girl holding a candy land game from a bag filled with goodies
girl with her gifts on the coffee table of books and games      girl holing up an alphabet game    boy looking at the gift of books, games, and coloring supplies