Community Connections Through Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is a great time for children to collaborate as did Ms. Viera's class from Union City High School with Mrs. Micahel's Kindergarten class from Jefferson Elementary School.  
Union City High School Seniors are a part of a specialized program called, “Transition into Adulthood.”  Students practice Community Based Instruction weekly.  One specialized area of focus is on Recreation and Leisure activities.  The students spent a week researching, gathering and shopping for materials and crafting fun games for the Jefferson School Kindergarten Jaguars.    
These students paid a much-welcomed visit to Mrs. Michael's kindergarten class and had a lot of fun! Students participated in different Halloween themed stations and games. Students and staff alike enjoyed this day very much! 
high school students handing out goodie bags to kindergarten student      ms. Viera and one her female student holding a fake eyeball playing a dunking game with two kindergarten kids as an aide looks on
ms. viera's and a male student with his aide and a little girl enjoying a treat     male student, art teacher ms. cintron, ms. viera and three little boys smiling