Photo Library

Jersey Journal Article dated Wednesday November 12th, 2003 and a photo of a WW1 Vet
Dr. Williams Navy awards & uniforms
close up of Dr. Williams receiving an award
Mrs. Fransisco's son and daughters member of marines & navy
staff family members that served our country
Veteran student grandfather standing up and being recognized
boy on stage at the microphone reading a speech as his classmates are behind him all dressed in red, white, and blue
empty seats with reserved seats for veteran honorees
close up of reserved seat for Mr. jhonny Ramos Navy Vet
close up of the photos of family members in the US service on top of chairs in the first row
Dr. Williams with the family of students whose grandfather is a vet
parent liaison and principal celebrano proudly holding mrs. Fransico's photos of her three children in the service
dr. williams talking to the 4th graders seated on the stage
bulletin board of the students researches on veterans day
Mrs. Logothetis, Dr. Williams and her class