Photo Library

Ms. Marinello Welcoming parents
Principal Celebrano with student and family
parents chatting while seated in a classroom
teacher going over the rules of the classroom
Parents and 2 teachers in classroom
teacher posing for the camera
relax and calm down sign
Parent asking teacher a question
teacher seated at a table with parents talking together
teacher crouching down to explain something to parents
mother talking to teacher
parents talking to classroom teacher at the door
Mrs. Michael explaining the class procedures
Principal Celebrano welcoming parents into the building
teachers and aides take photo with mother
Happy couple posing with teacher in the classroom
Volunteers at the Back to School Night Rafle Table
teacher and mom having a chat
hallway picture of people at the raffle table and talking to principal celebrano
teacher and aide eagerly awaiting parents
mr. blake, mr. petrovich, and another male teacher posing for the photographer
teacher talking to a set of parents
Ms. carreira waiting for parents at her desk
Mrs. Larcheveque smiling at her desk