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Jefferson students gathering outdoor by classes
two girls holding their class puzzle piece
101 class teacher holding their puzzle piece
boy holding anti-bullying puzzle piece
a boy holding a puzzle piece for "teaming up for Respect"
hr 110 teacher holding their class puzzle piece
rm 204 teacher holding up puzzle piece against bullying
boy & girl holding sign "Let your heart soar"
teacher aides holding puzzle piece of "we believe in love"
Mr. celebrano & mr. blake putting together the puzzle piece first pieces of "we believe in love"
Beginning Puzzle of "A Little Love in your heart"
adding the first piece of the puzzle
pre-k 104 puzzle piece added to the group puzzle
second piece added to the school puzzle
third piece placed of little hand puzzle piece
4th piece of the puzzle added
5th piece of the puzzle placed by a group of students
part one of the school puzzle
6th piece added of class puzzle piece
7th piece added, another group of children gather to place their class piece
A Little love in your heart puzzle
9th piece of puzzle piece with butterflies
a big heart with kids signatures make piece 10
peace sign puzzle piece #11
loving hands puzzle #12
stop bullying puzzle piece #13
happy face puzzle piece #14
happy rainbow puzzle piece #14
happy cloud puzzle piece #15
no bullying multiple colored hearts puzzle piece
teacher arranging the puzzle pieces together
piece #16 & 17 added puzzle piece
soaring stars against bullying puzzle piece added
Lets be friend puzzle piece added
completed a Little Love in Your heart puzzle
areal group photo of the students and staff with hands up
all students standing up with arms in the air areal photo
kindergarten class lining up for the assembly
another kinder class lining up for assembly
group of 1st graders proudly holding their puzzle piece to line up for the assembly
rm 101 getting their puzzle piece to the assembly
rm 103 lining up at the assembly
three boys following their teacher to line up
students following their teacher to line up
another class following  their teacher
1st graders getting ready for assembly
2nd graders getting to their spot
group of classes ready for assembly to begin
areal shot of the classes gathering
two girls bringing their class puzzle pieces to join the bigger puzzle
pre-k class joins in placing their puzzle piece
UC police officer placing his piece of the puzzle