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Back to School Night

classroom teacher and support staff welcoming parents
hallway of students parents and staff walking to classrooms
teacher demonstrating next textbook for the upcoming year
children and parents viewing this years scholastic book fair offerings
parents gathered at the display tables in the main hallway
Tmobile representatives greeting parents in the main hallway
welcome table with informative flyers in main hallway
mrs. alonso making sure everyone is safe on the security cameras
Jefferson School post infront of the school
office staff proudly posing for a picture
parents attentively listening to teacher describing expectations for the school year
parents waiting for teacher to start her presentation
parents awaiting the teachers presentation for the new school year
teacher happily welcoming parents to her classroom
parents filling out paperwork in classroom
parents and children learning the new class rules and expectations
parents reading along while teacher explains class requirements
tmobile display banner
Tmobile representative with school parent liaison mrs fansisco at their display table
parents getting ready to leave after class presentation
parents laughing at teachers joke
jefferson staff bulletin display
jefferson school tshirt and spirit gear on display
parents snack table ready for parents
school mascot jaguar happily posing in main hallway
principal mr. celebrano and supervisor mrs. tortorella with school mascot in main hallway
back to school night pto raffle basket display
teacher giving a powerpoint presentation about her class to parents
Teacher displaying reading assignments to class