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Welcome To Ms. Nunez Social Worker Webpage

Kimberly Nunez



Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - Masters of Social Work

Montclair State University- Bachelor of Arts, Sociology



School Social Worker



I was born and raised in Union City, NJ. I am bilingual graduate with a Masters of Social Work

and certified School Social Worker from the state of New Jersey, I was employed as a Care

Manager in Hudson County to develop comprehensive health education programs and

therapeutic services for youth and adolescents. My background includes extensive program

planning experience and educating people about behaviors that promote wellness. As a care

manager, I was dedicated to organizing and coordinating services, resources and support for

children in Hudson County with multiple and complex emotional and behavioral needs. As a

school social worker in Union City, I will continue to engage students, staff and families in

crisis intervention services with follow up resources and communicate daily with building

staff to assess student needs and select appropriate interventions.


Conference Times;

I’m available to meet with parents/guardians to discuss student referrals, counseling, and

progress. Please call me, 201-348-5960, ext.78306 to schedule an appointment.

Days and Times: (PREPS)

Thursday 8:10 - 8:47

Friday 8:10 - 8:47

Other times available upon request


As a school social worker I will do many things to help students and their families overcome barriers,

develop intervention strategies to increase academic success, and provide crisis intervention.

School Social Workers:


● assess student needs and issues,

● assist the student in developing appropriate social interaction skills,

● provide individual and group counseling,

● assess social/emotional needs,

● coordinate services for families and students,

● deal with attendance issues,

● network with community agencies,

● help students who have problems with abuse and neglect,

● assist students who are experiencing or have experienced family violence