Jefferson Students Visit WTC to Study Architecture

On October 4, 2018, a group of Thomas Jefferson School 4th graders were chosen to visit a world renown architectural masterpiece the One World Trade Center, the former location of the Twin Towers. The students were accompanied by Mr. Petric, Mr. Blake, Ms. Logothetis and Ms. Hernandez. 

students at the wtc memorial museum      students looking at the presentation at the wtc memorial museum

 During the trip students experienced many of the sights and sounds of the New York cityscape and the wonders of walking through the Oculus and the One World Trade Center. The students viewed videos detailing the construction of the One World Trade Center and learned the many obstacles that the construction workers and designers faced with the project. 

students using their ipads to work on creating a structure while at the top of wtc1         Students looking out at ny skyline


 Once atop the observatory the students were broken up into four groups, each group was assigned an iPad to explore the New York City landmarks. After the observatory experiences students walked the outdoor memorial to reflect and sketch their favorite memories of the field trip. The students noticed large murals on the city walls, which reminded them of previous art lessons and requested to take a picture with their favorite mural.  

students admiring the view from the top of wtc1     group in front of modern colorful mural